Top 3 Paid Per Click Websites Online

Do you want to know how to make money online with the Top 3 paid per click websites ? I believe that you do, otherwise you won’t read this article, don’t you? Well, You made a right move and I won’t waste your time because I personally have done some research and avoid all those scam sites before I signed up for free with these 3 websites online. When I say that they are the top 3 websites that will help you to make money online, then they really do. Nobody will think that they will get rich with paid to click websites since the pay out is low. But the fact is that ptc will surely help you to pay off some of your bills and at least you will have some fast cash. However, you still need to work on it before you will see your real profit increase in a regular basis. 

The Top 3 paid per click websites that will help you to make money online are as following :
1. Clixsense (The Longest History and the most reliable ptc websites in the world)

2.Neobux (The second best of the best and reliaable website in the world)

3. CashnHits ( Highly Recommended because it has many ways to earn money)

The four ways that will help you to make more money with your ptc websites are as following :
1. Sign up as many as possible as with those legit websites and for sure sign up will always be free.
(because one website won’t make you that much, but if you have 3 websites or 10 sites if you really have time to do it, then it will make a differences).
2.Click the ads (click the ads and you will earn more and you will need to read the terms and policy of each websites. However, if you just want to sign up and do nothing, then why bother to sign up ? You work and you will get paid and that’s the name of the game with PTC business.) However, don’t just visit the website just for once per day since some of the website such as ClixSense may upload new ads very often. The more you visit the site and click more ads, you will reach the minimum cash out much faster.
3. Refer others and let more people click for you and that will increase your earning much faster.
(you need to read the terms and policy before you sign up because some will require you to click the ads once a week or so in order for you to earn from your referral) . If you can complete task, offer, play games and do their surveys as well, it will definitely help your to make more money as well. However, it is optional and see if you have time to do it or not. Some website might require you to post your earning to their forum by screen shoot after you get paid to testify that the website is legit.So, you need to do so in order to get paid in your next payment. Once again, you have to read their terms and policy clearly. Once again, get as many as referral as you can and teach them to do the same , then you will make more money and so will your referral be. Website such as Clixsense do offer membership upgrade bonus up to 8 levels of the referral program as well. On top of that once your referral makes money to certain amount, you will automatically gain some bonus. It simply means that the more people you refer, the more money you can make and the less work you need to do as well.
4. Promote all your referral links with article marketing (write an article and post all your links in there).
The more articles you write, the more people will get to know your legit ptc websites and sign up with your referral links. Of course you can post your referral links to Social Network such as Face book, Twitter, Pinterest and Stumbleupon with a few words about your ptc sites and that will be another powerful way to attract more referral for yourself. However, don’t forget to ping your article or update your article once a week in order to maintain a higher ranking in the search engine. Of course , we all know that whomever can stay in the first page of each key word search will always be the best for your targeted traffic. More targeted traffic means more sign up from your referral. This means that you will make money money fast.
Well, the links in the above are all the top 3 links I have found for you , it would be nice if you can sign up with the links provided. If not, you might have to spend more times to do some search by yourself and may end up get the same result as I do. Well, I hope you will make the smart move and start to make money online right now. Enjoy your earning online.
Conclusion :
There are actually many other ways to make money online and PPC sites are just among one of many different other ways. In order to help you to better understand how you can make use a blog to earn extra cash online, I highly recommend you visit the following blog. That will help you to make more money even when you are sleeping.



2 thoughts on “Top 3 Paid Per Click Websites Online

  1. Hi. I am your ref at ClixSense, this nickname. Can you mail me cuz I wanted to send you msg via CS but I cant find how.

    1. Hello skyblue21, thank you for being my referral in Clxsense. I didn’t receive your message until now because I have so many email to view each and everyday. Anyway, you can send you msg to me through this same old wordpress to me. Thank you.

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